Three frames in one – dark crime with a twist

Anti-heroes. Twisted, extra-polished, underwhelmed, dominant, week and flaky.
The selected titles are what I would call unpleasant but not extremely violent or grand.
Ultra- violence scale: If Tarantino is an 8, and Guy Richie a 6, Noé is an 8 as well.
These films are a solid 5, a few raw scenes, mostly build-up, tension and pressure.

At first glance they look predictable, but these 3 films are delivering so much more density, depth and presence than the tag-lines may suggest:

“This is madness, I’ve had enough of this “Crime and Punishment” bollocks. I’m happy here.

‘ I won’t let you be happy, why should I?”

Sexy Beast

Ben Kingsley is sharp – and blown out of the water by Ray Winstone

Harry Brown

Michael Caine  – no need to explain

Full film




*Bonus: The Kill List 

Wild card (pun not intended):
Something Wild (with Ray Liotta, 1987) Worth watching the lame/softcore first half – for the turn – and a very charismatic Melanie Griffith!

PS. If you like these films – you’ll probably like:

The Double
It’s All Gone Pete Tong
Fish Tank
London to Brighton
Boy A
Hallam Foe


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