About me:

Freelance journalist, reader, writer, project manager, media producer and editor, fan of frogs (the herptilian variety, cuteness non-compulsory). Coffee drinker and tea aficionado; green, red, white, herbal and black. I am open to new assignments – articles, research, interviews, essays, manuscript work, translations and statistics – photography, infographics and illustration.
I do proofreading, fact-checking and data journalism.

Find out more, the boring stuff:

About Me

This – or that?

Cats – and dogs, but mostly cats. Former equestrian, Tae Kwon Do-nian. Saving snails from off-trail running tracks. (Ehm, sometimes.) Frogs – always!

Have you ever seen a Tomato frog? Banana frog? Leopard frog? Purple frog? Oh…

Sooglossus gardineri, Dyscophus antongilii, Mantella aurantiaca, Agalychnis moreletii, Spicospina flammocaerulea, Oophaga granulifera, Discoglossus nigriventer, Afrixalus morerei, Isthmohyla rivularis.

Behold the wonders:



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